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Welcome to Other Side Images, the online portfolio inspiration of Steven R. Wolf.

Inspiration comes from many directions. For Steven Wolf it comes from the people he has been honored to work with in more than 25 years of photography.

Based in the Minneapolis Metro area, Wolf photographs Corporate Events, Products and Product Lifestyle, Personal Lifestyle, and 360-degree web product animation. Wolf also shoots some Rock Stars now and again.  Comfortable in the studio or on location, in the pit, or even backstage, inspiration can happen anywhere.

Wolf has worked for some of the world’s largest companies, retailers, and manufacturers, and for startups, and small boutiques. Wolf’s images have been published or used in promotions around the world, in print, and on the web. The people driving their company’s needs drives Wolf to give them an incomparable result.

Recently inspiration came from home in the form of his children. Wolf began a new division of Other Side Images called Other Side Sports, a service supporting youth athletic programs by giving back to the associations that promote fitness and build character through youth sports. Please feel free to visit www.othersidesports.biz to learn more.

Wolf wants to know what he can do to help support your inspiration. Helping you bring order to the chaos that can be promoting your cause, brand, your company, your services, your products. Even your band. And doing it beautifully.

Let Wolf take your inspiration and vision and, together, make something amazing.