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Let’s make some Rock’N’Roll

Hello, I’m Steven Wolf and welcome to Other Side Images. This is stopping off point of 25 years of photojournalism and commercial photography experience. Where we go next is up to you. Let’s make some Rock’N’Roll.

I’ve shot performers all over the world, all through my career. It’s a passion that has become part of my business. But I’ve also pursued supporting my family with my photography until recently as a Staff Advertising Photographer in the marketing department of a major Minneapolis-based retailer.

I’ve specialized in events, lifestyle, product packaging photography, and 360° web product animation. The techniques and process I created to animate products efficiently to the highest standard of not only web, but product photography, has made me one of the leading photography innovators in the field.

I also freelance for manufacturers of professional audio, safety and public address products sold worldwide. I shoot my friend’s bands in the clubs and any promo material they ask. I firmly believe a band is only as good as its worst live show. I’ll pay for a band I’ve never heard of before I go see a free cover band any day of the week.

Let’s do something amazing. I’m more interested in your concept than your money. I’ll shoot a great concept for free before I shoot another lame shot of a band in front of a brick wall. If you ask for that it’s gonna cost ya.

My web address and company name, Other Side Images, is derived from an old Luke the Drifter tune. You may know him as Hank Williams. The song, A Picture From Life’s Other Side, was in a mix of driving music from 12 years I spent as a newspaper shooter in the Midwest before switching to commercial photography in 2002.

Please contact me to see how we can make your next project truly Rock ‘n’ Roll.